When launching B&BPM I wanted to spread the word of Perl and get more people using Perl. I put together a free Perl course for beginners which I happy give to people in the area. The course is designed to be short enough to fit into a day or two, and long enough to give students what they need to get started. The idea is that the later parts of the course show the student the Perl communities, online resources and how to teach themselves. I've also been planning a half day top up course for a month or so later when the students have had chance to practice what they've learnt and discovered more for themselves.

It occurred to me that most Perl programmers probably know someone that would be interested in learning. Be that a family member, friend, work colleague, employee, friend of a friend, or even friend of an employee. Why not take the time out teach someone, even if you just do it once. I can assure you the experience is very rewarding and you never know, you might have just inspired the next Damian Conway

I've transferred the course syllabus for what I teach into this Wiki. Feel free to create a Wiki login, add comments and recommend changes. This is subject to change with the more people I teach, and likely on an individual basis, depending on whether they have a specific use in mind. You are free to use it or teach your own material.

If you decide you're happy to teach anyone in your area then please email me and I'll put you on this page for locals to contact you.

I've started a mailing list for people who want to discuss the free Perl Course, talk about your experiences or suggest changes to my course syllabus. (I don't expect there to be a lot of movement on this list, so please post when you join otherwise we'll end up with a load of lurkers waiting to see what happens).

Current free course providers:-